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Cocoyo Charcoal Pet Sheets/Pee Pads


Ordinary pee pads absorbs your pets' leaks, but do they absorb the smell that comes with it? Charcoal absorbs a wide range of odors, especially those caused by pets. Clear up not just their wizz but the whiff too with Cocoyo's Charcoal pee pads.

Cocoyo Pet Sheets are heavy duty, highly absorbent with waterproof bottom, specially treated to have anti-bacterial properties and are tightly sealed on all 4 sides to ensure that no leakage occurs.

Sizes Available:

  • Small (33 x 45cm) - 100 sheets
  • Medium (45 x 60cm) - 50 sheets
  • Large (60 x 90cm) - 25 sheets

Per Carton:
8 bags