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Dog Agility Training (Level 1)

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Dog Agility Training (Level 1) held by Supernova International Dog Sports Academy


Dogs with the following behaviour issues are not suitable to attend our agility group classes:

  • Dogs that are not friendly to human and/or other dogs
  • Dogs who can’t stop barking (excessive barking)
  • Dogs who charge n lunges at human and/ or other dogs (reactive issue)
  • Dogs with aggression issues with humans and/ or other dogs

Dogs found to have these issues in our agility classes will be advised to attend private training to address these issues.

In Agility, a dog and his handler run together in an Agility Course as a TEAM. Agility training builds a strong bond between the dog and the handler as the dog learns to respect and obey cues off-leash while running at top speed. On the other hand, the handler will have to learn the canine language of using the body and movement to communicate with his dog in the agility course. The dog is directed by his handler to jump over obstacles (Broad Jumps, Bar Jumps), duck into tunnels or chutes, run over planks of wood (Dog Walk & A-Frame), and weaves in between poles (Weave Poles).

Agility makes sense to the dog as the nature of this sports is very much like the way the dog hunts for his prey. The dog becomes energized, his face radiates and eyes shine with excitement as he enjoys this dog sports running alongside his handler. This is why Agility is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world.

Why Sign Up For This Program

  • Professional guidance for a successful upbringing of your puppy and young adult dog
  • Proven n tested successful program
  • Teaching your puppy / young dog suitable exercises to burn their pent-up energy
  • Teaching agility flatwork for a strong foundation in dog agility


  • Min: 4 dogs, Max 8 dogs (Dogs from 6 months and above)
  • All dogs must be free from contagious illnesses, fleas & ticks, joints issues and other health issues
  • Dogs must be friendly to other dogs and people
  • We welcome dogs who are timid or reserved

Course Details

  • 1 Hour Per Session


  • Introduction to body awareness exercises
  • Introduction to Focus work (Forward focus, Obstacle Focus, Handler Focus)
  • Introduction to Flatwork (Handling, Cones, Wing, Tunnel)
  • How to motivate your puppy
  • How to play and bond with your puppy

Watch your puppy or young dog unleashes its potential in dog agility.

For further details, you can check out Supernova International Dog Sports Academy's website.