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[DONATE] Aixia Miaw Miaw Tuna w Chicken Fillet Wet Cat Food 60g x 24 cans (1 Carton)


WSN & Friends has teamed up with Purely Adoptions to offer heavily subsidized necessities that you can purchase and donate to their rescued animals.

Items will be delivered directly to Purely Adoptions. As this is for charity purposes, price shown is only applicable for that of donation purposes.

Please head to Purely Adoptions to find out more about their animal rescue cause.

[Miaw Miaw Tuna w Chicken Fillet]

Donation Size Available:
60g x 24 cans (1 Carton)

Fish (Tuna, Fish peptide), Chicken Fillet, Protein Hydrolysate, Yeast Extract, Lactosucrose, Thickening agents, Seasoning, Vitamin E