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NHV Turmeric Dietary Supplement for Pets 100ml


Turmeric (Latin name Curcuma longa) is a spice and a herb that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic (5000 year old holistic health system from India) and Chinese medicine. Curcuma longa belongs to the ginger family (Zingiberaceae). Turmeric has a distinct yellow colour and traditionally used as spice in Indian cooking. It is considered to be a super food, and one that can be used for your pet.

All pet parents want their beloved furkids to be healthy, and with the tremendous health benefits of turmeric, your dog, cat or rabbit will be living quality lives. This herb is widely used as a culinary spice and is considered to be a superfood. Its healing properties includes:

  • anti-inflammatory properties and COX2 inhibitors to help arthritic conditions
  • autoimmune disease support by improving the signaling pathways of immune cells
  • anti-cancer support due to its antioxidant properties
  • support for liver disorders through detoxification
  • heart condition support through improved circulation
  • lower bad cholesterol (LDL)
  • helps reduce the risk of blood clotting

Size Available:

Turmeric, Black Pepper

How to Administer:
Shake well before use. The easiest method is to use the dropper provide and places the drops into your pet’s food or favorite treat. You can also use the dropper and squirt directly into the pet’s mouth.

Some pets can be finicky, if this occurs consider hiding the drops in foods most pet’s love such as fish, chicken or yogurt or a favorite treat. If your pet only eats dry food then soak a few kibbles at feeding time.