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PEPPYTAIL Earwater for Dogs and Cats 50ml


Scent note: Delicate herbs with a relaxing fragrance of grass and crispy fruits.

Peppytail has a collection of aromatherapuetic grooming products made from organic ingredients and essential oils. The calculated concoctions are made to address and manage many common skin and fur troubles.

Ear Water (for dogs & cats), an all-natural cleanser is the star grooming product of Peppytail. Its formula works against molds/ yeast infestation, germs/ bacterial buildups, and infections.

Recommended for dogs and cats with sensitive skin as Peppytail Ear Water contains NO artificial colourings & perfumes, paraben, benzyl alcohol, mineral oil, and phenoxyethanol.


  • German Hydrosol : contains anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties
  • Roman Hydrosol : a calming essential oil which helps ease nervousness
  • Hexanediol & Ethyhexylglycerin : a natural preservative often used in aromatherapy
  • Olive Liquid : a natural emulsifier to stably combine non-mixing solutions
  • Calendula Oil : prevents and controls cell damage and infections
  • Lavender Essential Oil : fights molds and inflammation
  • Bitter Orange Essential Oil : has sterilizing and anti-bacterial properties against eczema, psoriasis, and stress-related diseases
  • Palmarosa Essential Oil : counters inflammation, fungas, and mild infection'

What is Hydrosol?

A by-product produced during the process of extracting essential oils from plants by steam distillation.

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  • Clean your furkid’s ears periodically to help them avoid ear infections and itchiness.

    • Pour some ear water onto a cotton ball or pad
    • Use the dampen cotton ball/ pad to clean the ears of your furkid
    • Gently massage and remove debris & impurities