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Purrpy Flight Seat IATA Compliant Pet Carrier Terracota (Brown)


PURRPY stays true to making thoughtful products for pet parents.

PURRPY Flight Seat is just like PURRPY Eggshell, besides being a practical IATA compliant carrier, it can transform into a tunnel hideout (a small pet house) by removing both gates, and a comfortable cushion is provided right for that purpose.

Feature highlights

  • Chic and streamlined
  • IATA compliant, well ventilated, well secured with screws
  • Gates are easy to remove by hand, but not by paws or jaws or headbutts
  • Soft silicon handle, which makes carrying comfortable
  • Comes with pee filter
  • Comes with base cushion
  • DIY decorative flower studs included

Suits: any sized cats (including big breeds) or small dogs
Holds: 16kg easily, meowdel is an 8kg Persian cat

*Note: the latest version has a spring lock mechanism for the gates, and the handle is in the same color as the carrier top.

Colors Available:
Gray | Terracota (Brown)

52 x 37 x 35 cm