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Sparkles Gravylicious Chicken & Shrimp Wet Cat Food 80g

SKU S-082051

Made with 100% real chicken meat & freshly caught seafood, Sparkles Gravy-licous is specially curated to satisfy and hydrate even the pickiest cat.

Sparkles Gravy-licous comes in fish and chicken recipes and has 8 different flavours so that your feline friend can enjoy variety in every meal. Each can has Taurine added to promote well-being and ensure that your cat's eyes sparkle.

  • Gravy for hydration
  • No artificial colours, preservatives, flavourings
  • No pork / No lard

Size Available:

Per Carton:
80g x 24 Cans

Chicken (38%), Water (55.84%), Shrimp (4%), Thickeners (2.1%), Taurine (0.06%)