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NHV Mouth Drops Dietary Supplement for Dogs & Cats 100ml


An herbal oral remedy that aids in eliminating bad breath, gingivitis, and helps combat oral bacterial infections and inflammation. Helps guard against tooth decay and plaque to boot.

Powerful ingredients like Neem and Sage naturally kill bad-breath bacteria in your cat’s mouth, and are even beneficial to their overall health. Natural extracts like those of White Oak and Myrrh help to soothe oral inflammation.

NHV mouthdrops is safe to take alongside other medications.

  • Promotes mouth health
  • Freshens bad breath
  • Helps guard against gingivitis and tooth decay

Size Available:

White Oak, Plantain, Sage, Echinacea Angustifolia, Myrrh, Neem

How to Administer:
Shake well before use. Use the dropper provided to squirt the dosage directly into your pet’s mouth along the gums and teeth.. Some pets may be finicky and resist your attempts to administer drops directly into their mouth. If this occurs, try placing the drops in your pet’s food or favourite treat. You may want to consider hiding the drops in foods most pet’s love such as fish, chicken, or yogurt. When serving dry food, use the dropper to soak a few kibbles at feeding time.